Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of terms

Before using a directory service, you must read all the terms and conditions of these "Terms and Conditions". Once you have read and accepted the terms and conditions mentioned above, you can freely use the features of the online directory. It is simply documented information that keeps you and your directory professionals on one platform. If you cannot find the information mentioned in the Terms and Conditions that applies to you, do not access any part of the Website. Make general use of the Directory

The directory provides you with choices for your personal use and not for any type of promotional or non-commercial use. Once you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned below, you are legally bound by them and you will be responsible for any kind of problem or dispute in case it occurs. Going further, you need to pay close attention to some of the points mentioned below: You are not expected to make any changes to the directory, whether copying, reproducing, distributing, transferring any information, modifying any content, selling any information, the name of the various companies offering products or services, etc You are not disabling, interfering with, or causing damage to directory information by any means. You do not have the right to obtain information by any means that you may consider illegal, without the written authorization of the Company. Without the Company's written permission, you are not permitted to access any password-protected material.

The online directory, as well as all of its content, regardless of messages, files, lists, drawings, texts, photos, content protected by copyright, and any technical information, is under the supervision of La Company and service providers with all deserved rights. The directory provides access to its content for non-commercial purposes. You can choose the name from here and publish them without any third-party interference. Whatever content you provide is at your own risk, whether uploaded, submitted, or published in the directory, and you are fully responsible for it. Warranty Statement

Now that you have read and understood all of the terms and conditions, you are solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the services and content. makes no warranty against errors, errors, information, content, directory material, etc., available in the directory. Copyright

All directory content is copyrighted and certified by the Company and the Company's listed vendors. The contents of the directory may be reproduced, transmitted or distributed to anyone or anywhere without the written permission of The Company.